Duncan man hopes to get law changed in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY-An Oklahoma law could soon be changed if a Duncan man has his way. John Slate of Duncan lost his seven-month-old daughter after she drowned in a bathtub. The child's mother, Patricia Campbell, said she put the little girl in a tub and then took a nap. Campbell was originally charged with murder, but that was dropped to manslaughter because of the way the judge interpreted the law's definition of neglect.  The judge didn't feel Campbell met all the requirements.

On Monday, The child's father took his concern directly toState Representatives Dennis Johnson of Duncan and Kris Steele of Shawnee, at the State Capitol.  They have drawn up and amendment to the law in question, which changes its wording,  which should prevent future judges from making a similar ruling.

Late Monday, the Civil Justice Committee approved the amendment.  It will now go to the Judiciary Committee, which will then decide if it will go to the House floor for debate and a vote.