Investigators search for homicide victim near Cache

CACHE, OK--The Comanche County Sheriff's Department has a homicide on its hands.  Problem is, they still don't have a body.

Investigators are searching for a missing Cache man who, they believe, was shot to death.

31-year-old Shawn Humphrey's girlfriend reported him missing one week ago Tuesday.

Last Thursday night, Sheriff's deputies arrested 2 men in the 1300 block of Taft in Lawton in connection with Humphrey's disappearance, but they're being held on unrelated drug and weapons charges.  Sheriff Kenny Stradley says one of the men, Shawn Fowler, has admitted to shooting and killing Humphrey last week at a home near Cache, but the suspect hasn't been able to lead officers to the body.

Stradley says Fowler and Humphrey got into some type of argument over drugs. That's when Fowler said he took Humphrey's gun from him and shot him.

Sheriff Stradley says Fowler told him he then wrapped Humphrey's body in a piece of carpet and buried him, but Fowler was so high on drugs, he told the sheriff he could not remember where.

Sheriff Stradley says there were a few people at the house at the time of the shooting.

Many have already been interviewed, but, so far, none have admitted knowing where the body  is.

If you have any information about the case, call the Sheriff's department at 353-4280, or Crimestoppers at 355-INFO.