"Adopt a Soldier" now helps Extreme Makeover

LAWTON--The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project hit its first snag on
Sunday.  Builder Ron Nance says crews were supposed to pour the home's foundation around midnight Saturday, but that didn't end up happening until Sunday morning.

At one point, Nance says crews were about 8 1/2 hours behind schedule, which could be a bad sign for things to come.  He says the problem stemmed from the soil on the lot and complications they ran into when trying to lower the new home's elevation.

The other problem they're facing is, there's not enough room to work.  "The only thing that's difficult is just the logistics of this location because there just isn't any room to spread out," Nance said.  "It doesn't have anything to do with the crowd.  There just isn't any room because there are houses on both sides, narrow streets, all of those things. We knew we were up against that.  That makes this one of the hardest builds that any builder goes through on Extreme Makeover.  That's just part of it."

Nance says it was very important to the Westbooks to build their new home at the same location.

OU and OSU football and basketball players made the trip to Lawton Sunday to show their support for the Westbrook family and the hundreds of volunteers who are helping to rebuild the family's lives.

Among the athletes on hand,  OUwomen basketball stars Ashley and Courtney Paris, and former OSU running back, turned Green Bay Packer Vernand Morency. "It's a big deal just to come back to lend a helping hand and to help a family.  That's first and foremost out here.  It's definitely a treat for me to come help," Morency said

Several lawmaker, including Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins also stopped by the site to show their support today.

Each week, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition receives around 5,000 applications nominating deserving families for the show.  Catching the casting department's eye can be a challenge.   For the Westbrooks, that's where "Adopt a Soldier Now" came in. The non-profit organization connects deployed soldiers with citizens in our community.

"Adopt a Soldier Now" and Ft. Sill got together and brainstormed on how to get the Westbrooks featured on Extreme Makeover.   The producers of the show have a special place in their heart for our military members.  They're urging people who come out to the construction site this week to write a letter to a soldier overseas.