Extreme Makeover Fan Reaction

Lawton, OK--The fans came by the bus loads bright and early.  They waited for hours for the bus to move--and when it did, would reveal the Westbrooks' new home.  Hundreds lined the streets-- armed with their banners, flags and cameras--everyone waiting for Ty Pennington, the star of the show, to shout his famous words... "Move that bus"!

There was barely any place you could walk around.  Some of the fans were here before the house went down---and came every day until the Westbrooks made their entrance Thursday.

For hours, the Extreme Makeover production crew rehearsed the final moments before the house was revealed to the Westbrooks.

Time after time, the bus went back and forth...practicing exactly where to be.  It had to be the perfect spot so Westbrook's couldn't sneak a peek.  In the meantime, the production crew worked with the crowd...rehearsing their parts, chanting "Move that bus, move that bus"!

As the crowd anxiously awaited...some worked on their banners--getting everything ready to greet the Westbrooks.

Others stood and watched every movement as the cast made its final preparations.   "I can't wait. We're ready," one fan said.

Everyone here has seen the outside of the house. The Westbrook's have seen nothing.  Hope Maldonado said, "It's breathtaking.  They don't know what to expect, but I think they'll like it".

While waiting for the final touches...part of the design crew came out to greet fans.

Lana Spencer, a Texan drove up from Vernon just to support America's families and the military.  " So exciting. We got here before nine. So ready to see this family. Can't wait! I hope to see their faces".

Just before the Westbrooks arrived, Fort Sill Soldiers paraded in. Ty, the star of the show, was chauffeured in on the Army's Half Section.  Then, Gene and Peggy Westbrook and the family finally arrived.  Gene got a warm welcome from the crowd.

Finally, the moment of truth..... only those who had a front row seat to the action got to see up close the Westbrook's reaction. Susan McCann was one of them. "They were smiling clapping their hands, crying. All emotion you would expect," she said.

Julie Hamilton is the lady who may have started all of this with a single email to the Extreme Makeover show, "I'm overwhelmed, glad, they have a home. This is the best thing for the Westbrooks ever"!