COPY-City of Lawton is under investigation by the Department of Wildlife

LAWTON-The city of Lawton is in the hot seat again.  The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife is investigating how the city came to poison the prairie dogs at Elmer Thomas Park.

On February 28, workers dropped poison pellets in the prairie dog burrows in the park to try to control their population.  It said it had permission to do it from the Department of Wildlife.

But a Wildlife Department spokesman told 7NEWS Friday that it never gave the city permission to do it.  State law requires a city that wants to conduct any sort of population control to get a permit.  Wildlife Department spokesman Neles Rodefeld says, not only did the city not get a permit, but they never requested one.

Lawton Parks and Rec Director Kim Shahan told us over the phone Friday they had permission. But Rodefeld says the department would not have given written or oral permission, and would not have recommended poisoning. Rodefeld says they are investigating. Once they finish, they'll turn the report over to the district attorney. He'll then determine if the law was broken.