Pet ordinance confusion

Lawton, OK--Ever since the City of Lawton extended the deadline to get your pet fixed, business is booming at the Animal Birth Control Clinic.

But there seems to be a lot of confusion about the ordinance.  You don't have to get your pet fixed, but the registration fee is cheaper if you do.  Still, either way you'll have to pay.  You have to register your pet whether it's been altered, unaltered or if you plan to breed it.  A breeding permit is $250 and it's only good for one year.

The ordinance is supposed to cut down on unwanted pets.  As a result, the ABC Clinic is booked up until June.  Linda Reinwand says they are swamped. "We are getting covered up," said Linda Reinwald, who runs the clinic.  "We are doing 25 - 26 surgeries a day. That's way too many. We have to cut back until we get a relief vet until we get caught up".

As we've reported, the new deadline to register your pet is April 15th.