Is your personal trainer trained?

UNDATED-- If you want to lose weight, get healthy and build muscle, you have a choice of workout places.   You can also increase your chances of success by going another step farther and hiring a personal trainer.  But since there is no federal guidelines regarding personal trainers how do you know if they are qualified?

Al Martinez is the manager of a local health club and he says he's shocked people don't ask more questions.  He says all of their trainers credentials are displayed on the wall and he encourages people to get to know their trainer and ask questions.

But what does a piece of paper on the wall really mean?  Doctors say two reputable certifications you can trust are National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association and American College of Sports Medicine.

Those trainers are trained to handle clients who are recovering from an injury.  Personal trainers with certification from these companies will also know how to perform CPR if needed.  They are required to take rigorous written tests on anatomy, and practical exams on on techniques.

If you're looking for a personal trainer don't be afraid to ask questions.  Go over your fitness goals with them and always ask for references.  If you have had a recent injury or surgery, you should talk to a doctor before starting a workout program.