Lawton neighborhood tired of shootings

LAWTON-- A second drive-by shooting in less than a week in the same west Lawton neighborhood.  This one happened just after midnight Wednesday near southwest 42nd Street and Park.   Another house is riddled with bullets and it's only luck the woman inside sleeping wasn't hit.

Police say they don't have any suspects.  Neighbors say they heard the shots but didn't see the who was shooting.  Police responded but as soon as the patrol car pulled up, the shooters disappeared.

Residents say it's frustrating but they say that happens a lot.  Kathleen Sanchez lives right across from where the shots were fired and even though she's frightened, she's says she'll start paying closer attention.

Cynthia Turtle is another vocal neighbor who says the city can't ignore the gang problem anymore.  She says the city needs more police officers on the street.  Turtle says neighborhoods and police have to come together now before someone dies.

Some neighbors said they would be in favor of a city sales tax increase as long as the money was guaranteed to go toward getting more undercover patrol officers to police the areas where suspected gang members hang out