COPY-Four charged in anhydrous theft

Tillman County_Four Lawtonians are in the Tillman County jail after being arrested and charged with theft of anhydrous ammonia, which is a key ingredient in making meth.

According to the Tillman County Sheriff's Office the four arrested and charged were: 31-year-old David Kopsky, 23-year-old James Anthony Cox, 27-year-old Holly Lebda, and 39-year-old Donna Zawicki all of Lawton.

Tillman County Sheriff Bobby Whittington said the arrests were made following a 10-day surveillance of two anhydrous sites in Tillman County.  He said his office had received reports of a week of thefts at the sites.

"The amount that we caught them with was approximately a two-quart plastic pitcher," Sheriff Whittington said.

Although the amount the foursome was caught with wasn't that much, Cotton County Sheriff Paul Jeffrey said enough is enough.

"Anytime you can catch anybody who's stealing anhydrous, because you know exactly what they're going to do with it, make methamphetamines," he said.  "Anytime you can catch them it's a plus for everybody."

Deputies from Tillman and Cotton Counties took part in the surveillance bust as did the Grandfield Police Department.

"Stealing anhydrous has really dropped since the passage of the Nik Green bill in 2004," Sheriff Whittington said.  "However, we're still seeing the occasional theft of anhydrous.  The homegrown labs aren't as plentiful as they once were."

Sheriff Jeffrey agreed and said he hasn't seen as many anhydrous thefts in Cotton County as in years past.  He said he believes the downturn is due to the Nik Green Law and the influx of a purer, more potent meth from Mexico.

"It's nothing like it has been," Jeffrey said.  "A year ago, we were having that problem all the time, but now it's gone down to where it's just really not near the problem it was a year ago."

The four arrested and charged with theft of anhydrous ammonia are being held on $20,000 each in the Tillman County jail.