Police say gunman had past stalking incidents

Cho Seung-Hui
Cho Seung-Hui

BLACKSBURG, VA-- The man who opened fire at Virginia Tech, killing 32 people, had come to the attention of police before, but nothing came of the encounters.

Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum says Cho Seung-Hui had been accused of stalking two female students in 2005.  He had worried one woman enough with his calls and e-mail that police were called in.  The woman declined to press charges and Cho was referred to the university disciplinary system.

Neither of the two stalking victims was among Monday's shooting victims.

The police chief says that same year, the department received a call from Cho's parents, who were concerned that he might be suicidal.  Cho was taken to a mental health facility.

Flinchum says he knew of no other police incidents involving Cho until the deadly shootings on Monday.

Police searched Cho's dorm room and seized items include a folding knife, two computers, a hard drive and other computer disks.