Classes resume at Virginia Tech

BLACKSBURG, VA--  It's back to class today for students at Virginia Tech, just one week after the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Students and faculty gathered at 7:15 this morning near the dorm where the first victims were shot.  At 9:45 -- the time the second shootings began -- the university observed a moment of silence with a single bell tolling from the tower of the main administration building.  A minute later, the bell will tolled 32 times, once for each of the victims as 32 white balloons are released from the field below.

The school is allowing students to drop classes without penalty or to accept their current grades if they want to spend the rest of the year at home grieving last week's campus massacre.

The director of public relations for the Student Government Association says the students are "ready to start moving forward" and the best way to do that is to get the campus "back to normal." So reporters have been asked to leave by the time classes resume.

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