Neighbors complain about pit bull in front yard

GERONIMO, OK-- Some Geronimo residents say a pit bull there spends most of its day strapped to a flag pole in the front yard and they're angry about it.

Most of them are concerned for the dog.  They say leaving it strapped to a pole in the yard all day is animal cruelty.  But then there are others who aren't so worried about that.  Instead, they're worried about the dog itself.  They say this dog is vicious and they're angry that it has torn up the front yard of the home which they claim deters people from buying neighboring homes.

Joseph Tettamble says he's had "Zeus" for a couple of months and he's the first one to admit his dog is vicious.  But he says that's why he got him, to protect his home.

That's also why neighbors are so upset.  They say the pit bull has been loose before and they worry that without a fence, the dog might break free again and this time it may harm their pets, or even their children.

This aggressive dog is one big reason local developer Alford Hennessee wants pit bulls outlawed in Geronimo.  He says leaving this pit bull strapped to a flag pole has created a public nuisance, which is lowering the property value of the neighboring homes.

Hennessee says the dog is "more lethal than a double barrel shotgun with both barrels cocked."  He's so upset he's suing the dog's owner for $65,000.

Hennessee also says if city council doesn't resolve the issue he'll have a lawsuit against the mayor and the chief of police as well.

Hennessee tells 7 News he is bringing this issue up to the Geronimo city council tonight and he says if the city council doesn't take action, he is going to the district attorney on Monday.

7 News will be at the meeting and we'll let you know what happens.