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"Free Comic Book Day"

Undated_Saturday is National Free Comic Book day, when comic book shops across the country and around the world are giving away comic books to anyone who comes into their stores.  But these books aren't *just* for kids anymore.  They have grown into something more, especially with the release of movies adapted from them, such as Batman, The X-Men, and Spiderman.   

They used to cost just a dime, maybe fifteen cents.  But today, some comic books, in near-perfect condition, are worth more than $15,000.   

The owner of Carolina Comics, Greg Edwards, says the Free Comic Book Day is aimed at people who usually wouldn't give them a second look.  He says, if they take advantage of the offer, they'll find these books show changes we've made in art, technology, and storytelling.  They even reflect our society and values.  "You can actually pick it up and you can kinda see really what's happening out here in the world," Greg said.

Just about every major comic book publisher is participating.  They are giving away Spiderman, Justice League, even books to teach you how to become a comic book artist. 

You can check http://www.freecomicbookday.com for lists of comics. 

If you would like to get your free comic book Saturday, check out Carolina Comics on Southwest Lee Boulevard or Hastings on Sheridan Road, both in Lawton.  

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