Kid injured at local playground

LAWTON--  Scary moments for a Lawton family as their child was injured while playing at a popular playground.  Seven year old Damian Everette was at a birthday party when he started to play catch with his cousins. As he went to catch the ball he ran into a worn out, rusty, fence around an air conditioner at the Kid's Zone park.

The boy's family tells 7 News they have tried to file a complaint with the city about the fence but they say the parks and recreation office tells them the problem has been permanently fixed and there is no need for a report.

The city has since put some foam around the fence but the prongs have already begun to poke through.

7 News tried to contact Kim Shahan with Lawton Parks and Recreation, but so far we haven't heard back from him.

The boy's family says they plan on attending this Tuesday night's city council meeting to bring up their concerns about Kid's Zone.

Damian is recovering after getting stitches and is doing fine.

Count on 7 News to continue to follow this story.