Cache flood victims

Cache, OK--The flooding in the town of Cache almost wiped out an entire neighborhood.

At least 10 families had to evacuate their homes. Many of the family members were either boated out of their homes or had to be pulled out with ropes.

Fire Chief Dale Winham says it was a very dramatic and terrifying scene they dealt with Tuesday night and through the early morning hours Wednesday.

The west end of the Rock Creek Addition was flooded out with waters that came up to 4-feet high.

Cache Creek sits practically right in the backyard of most of the homes that had to be evacuated.  The rain came down so hard and fast, the water didn't have anywhere to go but inside.

Jim and Kathy Prince have lived in the Rock Creek addition for 16 years and never have they seen it flood.  Tuesday night, the creek crested and water gushed into their home.  In some places, it got up to 4 feet high. "It came up so fast there was really nothing we could do. We had two cats and we grabbed them and stuck them in the trunk and barely got out. We had to drive through some pretty deep water to get out", Kathy said.

The Princes' home was hit the hardest out of all the homes here.  Their furniture now is stained and broken.  The appliances, water-damaged.  Even the clothes Jim has on are borrowed.  The ones he had on last night are dirty.  Pretty much everything he owns is ruined.  "You work all your life for stuff. And it's gone. And we'll start over," Jim said.

"You know your things can be replaced. Some of the things you think you need you really don't even need. And just family and friends. Family and friend. That's what it all boils down to,"  Kathy said.