Lawton teen, facing murder charge, returns for certification hearing

Lawton, OK--A Lawton teen accused of killing a man during a drug deal returned to court Thursday afternoon to see if he'll be tried as an adult.

Timie Williams was 16 when he was charged with the crime last July.  Back in August, the court ordered Williams to have a psychological evaluation. The judge heard from the two doctors who tested him.

Prosecutor Rande Worthen challenged the evaluation done by the defense team psychologist, Doctor Bill Sharp.

Worthen said Dr. Sharp's evaluation repeatedly painted Williams as troublemaker in school and noted a high degree of aggression.

Sharp didn't deny it, but testified that he still thinks that Williams has the ability to rehabilitate.  He talked about Williams' desire to read and finish his education.

Doctor John Batka presented the state's evaluation.

He said Williams was impulsive, had trouble in structured environments, and was defensive.

The hearing was stopped around 4:00 because of a scheduling conflict for another witness.

It'll continue June 12th at 1:30 p.m.  The judge has already determined that there is enough evidence in the case to go to trial.

As soon as this hearing ends, we'll know if Timie Williams will be tried as an adult, or be handled through the juvenile system.