Rain sprouts bumper wheat crop

CHATTANOOGA--Following what was one of the worst droughts to hit Oklahoma since the Great Depression, the state's wheat crop is expected to more than double its production from last year.

Cool, wet weather for most of the late winter and spring has led to a burgeoning wheat crop that's expected to produce 164 million bushels.  The 2006 crop only produced 71 million bushels.

"Our three elevators generally take in two million bushels of wheat," said Charlie Swanson, the general manager of Co-Op Services in Lawton, Chattanooga, and Grandfield.  "Last year, we took in 200,000 bushels between the three elevators."

The State Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry said the state's hay crop is also making a comeback following a devastating year.  The wheat crop harvest begins locally next week.