Waters recede at Medicine Creek

MEDICINE PAR,  OK--  After a scary 24 hours, there is good news to report in Medicine Park. The raging waters overflowing in Medicine Creek are beginning to recede.

Mother Nature gets most of the credit, since we haven't seen anywhere near the amount of torrential rainfall that poured over the area on tuesday night.

The fear of widespread flooding forced officials to evacuate low lying areas-- mostly businesses in the heart of the town. Thursday, Vice-Mayor Odus Hennessee says the Gondola dam, the focus of lots of worries on Wednesday, is holding up just fine.  "It does have some cracks in it," Hennessee said.  "But, it looks like maybe we're actually going to get some funding to be able to fix that."

Hennessee also said they'll need to fix a water line that serves about six houses and the town hall. The creek's rushing water destroyed it.