Rising gas prices cripples local landscaper

Lawton, OK--Gas in Oklahoma has hit an all-time average high of $3.10 a gallon.  In Lawton, the average price is $3.11.  Triple-A Oklahoma says analysts blame the rising prices on refinery and supply problems.

Those rising gas prices are hitting landscapers, like Kevin Williams of Lawton, particularly hard.  Williams has been in the lawn business for 20 years, and he says his monthly gas bill has nearly doubled.  In an average month, he spends about $1,800 on gasoline.  His latest bill was $3,200 and will only get worse when the prime mowing season gets here.  "It doesn't make me mad, just frustrated because you have no control", Williams said.

Right now, his crew does maintenance on an average of 85 lawns a week.  Williams says if there's no relief from these high gas prices, and soon, he'll have to downsize his crew and the number of lawns he tends to.

Williams said he can't raise his rates, because about 90% of his clients signed contracts for a rate that was set before this run-up in prices at the pump.