Comanche County woman suspected in two bar fires

LAWTON--Two suspicious Comanche County bar fires are believed to have been set by the same person, according to both the Lawton and State Fire Marshal's office.

A 45-year-old Comanche County woman was not arrested in connection with the fires, but was instead, arrested for a suspended license and not being properly insured following a traffic stop in Medicine Park late Sunday.

Investigators said the events began in Lawton around 5 a.m. on Sunday with a suspicious fire at the Talk of the Town bar on Sheridan Road.  That was followed up by another fire around 7 a.m. Sunday at the Lonesome Dove bar in Cache.

"My way of thinking is we've had a fire at a bar in Lawton, and a fire out west, possibly they (the bars) made somebody mad," said Comanche County Sheriff Ken Stradley, commenting on his initial reaction to those fires.

Investigators said the woman then headed to Porter Hill, where she went to the Porter Hill Bait Store and began yelling at store owner Dale Sims and his customers, who were buying bait for a Mother's Day fishing trip.

"That lady went to the door hollering something about selling beer on Sunday," Sims said,  "which I wasn't at the time.  I was selling fish bait."

That's when Sims said the woman pulled out a hammer and broke his window and an antique neon beer sign.

"Glass flew all over us," he said.  "It went halfway through the building she hit it so hard.  I wasn't going to mess with that crazy woman."

"That's when she went across the street to the convenience store," Sheriff Stradley said.  "She went in and took some adult magazines and she took them out of the rack and threw them in the parking lot."

So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the arson and property damage.  Investigators believe the suspect had stopped taking medication she relied on before she went on her alleged rampage.