Little league football conflict in Altus

Altus-The Altus City Council considered Tuesday night whether to provide a little league football program for the city, in spite of the fact that a "Pop Warner" league was launched by a private organization just last year.

The group, "A Better Youth Foundation",  started the league for kids 5-15 years old.  When the organization started the program, it planned to use school property for games and practices and received approval from the school board.  "We've had a lot of support," Foundation President Timothy Wilson said.  "We've had a couple companies in town to support our football program and for the most part of it, I think that the community supports what I do."

But now, Wilson said the school board and the city have gone back on their promises and that's making it more difficult for him to help the kids.  He asked the school board to pass out registration forms for his Pop Warner League and they'd agreed.  After a week, they still hadn't been distributed.

Altus City Parks and Recreation Director Randy Marple says there were complaints about how the program was run, but didn't offer any specific ones.   "I've just had so many people come to me wanting the city to do this, and that's mainly the reason that I'm bringing it to the Council," Marple said.