Fire destroys Comanche County pastor's home

Comanche Co._A house fire Thursday afternoon destroyed the home of a Comanche County pastor.  Cox's Store, Bethel and Flower Mound volunteer fire departments responded to the scene just after 3pm Thursday. When they arrived, the house was already in flames.  No one was home when the fire started.

Neighbors say they heard several explosions coming from the house this afternoon -- which may have been from the guns and ammunition locked in their closet. Late Thursday, it was still too hot for fire investigators to dig into the ashes, so they do not have a cause for this fire yet.

Fredie "Bubba" Clark -- the pastor at Letitia Baptist Church -- came home to find out his house had burned to the ground, with only the stone walls left standing.It was a devastating day for this local pastor. First, Thursday morning he went to a funeral. Then, in the afternoon, he visited some members in his congregation who were dealing with their own tragedy. "I went to Memorial Hospital to talk to one of my members who had lost a baby in delivery -- well before delivery, it was stillborn," Clark said. "And so I went over to just be with them."

And then he found out his house had burned to the ground.

"Kevin called me and told me 'Bubba,' he said, 'I want you to be prepared because there's nothing left,'" Clark said.

And the first thing he thought of was his children.

"My mom watches the little one for me at the house usually," Bubba said. "So I made sure they were all alright and Mama said, 'Bubba, I'm pulling up and there's smoke.'"

His mom, Linda, had left the house with the baby briefly to get gas, and then came home to see the flames.

"Just a short time, I mean, I couldn't even believe it," Linda Clark said. "It was just a little while. And so I know the Lord just had his hand on us."

The Clark family says they don't have a long-term plan yet, but they say they'd like to rebuild.

"Right now we're just gonna see what happens and plan on one day maybe sticking another house out here," Bubba said.

They say they don't want to leave the area because their family is here -- and the home just held their possessions, not their lives.