Red Cross needs donations following disaster relief

LAWTON-- It's been nearly two weeks since the storm that left parts of southwest Oklahoma and north Texas under water.  The Red Cross helped in the relief effort, providing meals, shelter and clothing.  Now that the water has receded and the damage has been assessed, the Red Cross says they need more donations and volunteers to help assist those people who are returning to damaged homes.

The Red Cross has already spent $7,090 on this relief effort, and they are projecting the total cost to exceed $10,000 dollars.  Volunteers helped feed and clothe victims and gathered information so they could start rebuilding.  The army of volunteers served 500 meals, assessed 75 damaged homes, and opened 45 relief cases.

But now they Red Cross needs your help.  "We are in the middle of storm season," said Megan Smith with the Red Cross. "It's been a very active storm season already, so hopefully it will slow down a little bit.  But if it doesn't we need to be ready to open another shelter, help other communities if a tornado hits, or just depending on how much rain we get, we are so saturated we could flood again easily."

Volunteers were still taking damage reports Monday.  "It's hard with a flood because once the water goes down people tend to forget about it," Smith said. "But there are still people who are just realizing their floor is starting to rot out, and it's two weeks later, but it takes some time for water to take it's serious effects."

The biggest help you can give the Red Cross are money and offering to volunteer.  But if you do have some things you can donate, such as furniture or clothing, the Red Cross says their partners -- The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Catholic Charities and Helping Hands -- will make sure your contributions get to a family in need.