Rainy May leaves Lake Lugert-Altus nearly full

Jackson County_The rains during the last few weeks may have been trouble for some parts of Texoma, but for the folks at the Quartz Mountain Nature Park, it's been a good thing.  The Lugert-Altus Lake is nearly full and with Memorial Day right around the corner, local businesses are glad.

You can't even walk on the beach, because there isn't much of one left.  The water comes right up to the trees and even past them, in some parts.  The six-year drought we've had made the waters and the visiting crowds shrink. Store manager Janetta James says her business was hurt due to the lack of water.  "Oh, the drought almost made it stop, there was, with no water, there was no reason to come. Now that we have water, they love to come up here, the fishing's great," James said.

Quartz Mountain Park Manager Glen Kirk says its great news for the lake and the surrounding businesses.  "The water level is at 98.5 percent, which is roughly a foot below total capacity of the conservation pool which is a high for the last, well since about 1999.  It's something we've all kind of been hoping for.  It really looks good and it really has people excited about coming to the lake," Kirk said.

"It'll be a busy, busy weekend.  This place will have a lot of people in it...Mother Nature's been good to us, so we've enjoyed it.  And I'd like to see it stay like this.  It would be a good thing," James said.