Gangs: Neighborhood watch fights back

Lawton_Police can't fight the gang battle alone.  That's why some areas of Lawton have formed neighborhood watches.  These are groups devoted to crime prevention in a specific area of town.

Zone One is a prime example of what an active neighborhood watch can do.  It was overrun with drugs, prostitutes and gangs at one time. But the people living there wanted to change all that.  "We just decided to form a group to try and assist the Lawton Police Department and help our community and our area improve because it was getting so bad," Lawton Heights Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Michele Burnett said.

They reported anything that smacked of criminal activity to police, and as a result, Burnett said, the prostitution dropped tremendously, and so did the drug traffic  Burnett said working together with the Lawton PD has made a great difference in the overall problems.  People who want to help now know what to do.

There are over 40 people involved in the Lawton Heights Neighborhood Watch.   Members patrol the streets at all hours to help fight crime.

If you would like to become part of a neighborhood watch or report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Lawton Police Department at 581-3271.  You can report anonymously.