Student carjacked at knife point on Wichita Falls High School campus

WICHITA FALLS-- A student is carjacked at knife-point on a high school campus. It happened to a Wichita Falls High School senior, just two days before he was supposed to graduate. He and other seniors had just wrapped up their commencement rehearsal ceremony around 4:30pm and were getting ready to go home, when two bad guys showed up in the school's parking lot. One of them pulled a knife on a student before stealing his car.

It was the last thing 18-year-old Louis Ozuna expected to happen as he was getting ready to go home from school. "I had just gotten in my car, put the keys in the ignition. I was just about to close the door. A guy ran over grabbed the door with one hand."

Ozuna says his first reaction was to try and pull the door shut. Despite his best efforts, he couldn't. The man was too strong, plus Ozuna saw he had something shiny. "He had a knife in one hand telling me to just get out of the car, get out of the car," Ozuna said. "I didn't want to get killed over a crappy car. I didn't know if the guy had a gun on him or anything and I didn't want to find out."

So Ozuna got out and started to walk back toward the high school. About the same time, he says another man ran over from an alley yelling for him to give him his wallet. Ozuna says he just kept walking to the school to call police as the bad guys took off.

What was going through his mind? His senior yearbook. "It seems odd, but I had just gotten two signatures in there and I hadn't gotten to read them," Ozuna laughed.  "That's the only thing I could think of is, I'm never going to get to read those because I'm never going to see my yearbook again."

Despite the ordeal happening at the high school, Ozuna and his father don't blame the school's security. They see it as just a random crime. A crime that, Ozuna handled the right way.

"I think it's great," said Louis Ozuna, Sr. "That's the way we taught him, give it up it's not worth it."

"This could happen anywhere," said Ozuna, Jr. "I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

There is some good news coming out of this story. Police in Electra, Texas have found Ozuna's car. They also arrested a man who they say was driving it. Police say he hid from them in the attic of an apartment until they talked him down and took him to jail.

A spokesperson for the Wichita Falls School District says one problem with older buildings, like the high school, is that it's in the middle of aneighborhood. Over the years, the district has been buying up property around the building to create a buffer zone.