Relatively quiet Memorial Day at Lawton lakes

Lawton, OK--The Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a time when folks hit the lakes, but it didn't quite reach the numbers as they did in years past.  Police say everything went smoothly.  They say the overcast days may have played a factor.

Lawton Lake Patrol says every camp site was filled---but yet the number of people here didn't quite hit the numbers as in the past.  "We had a lot more people out last year and last several years than what we did today. The weather was a lot nicer than it was this time," said officer Robert Bishop.

They say the weather may have dampened the mood here and the storms expected to move in tonight pushed people out early.  Many of them broke camp and went home.  "People are starting to leave early because of the clouds and stuff moved in. Again kind of a slow memorial day weekend," Bishop said.

Bishop says about the only trouble he saw at the lake was folks not wearing the proper safety gear. Or not having the required gear inside their vessels.  "A lot of people didn't know they had to have a type four flotation device in the boat before they went out. So before they went out they made sure they went and bought one before we let them go out," Bishop said.

Bishop said the lake patrol and the sentinels did a spot check on boaters and found many of them did not have the required safety gear.  But because many of them weren't aware of the requirements---no tickets were handed out.