Duncan families recover from flash flooding

DUNCAN--Duncan residents are still cleaning up from the floodwaters that roared through homes and streets Saturday night.  Many haven't slept much since then, because they've been trying to salvage what they can, and throw away what was damaged.

"I've cried all weekend and all week so far," said Tish Hickey, who moved to Duncan less than a week ago.   "It's a shock.  I didn't sleep at all last night, just all the drama and everything."  Hickey and her family don't have renter's insurance, so their road to recovery may be longer than others in their neighborhood.

Patsy Green is their next-door neighbor.  Unlike the Hickey family, she has lived in her home for over 30 years and has never experienced like anything this.  Everything she had in the garage is ruined--clothes, freezers--and her late husband's tools.  "We just have to wait for it to dry out now," Green said.

The Red Cross has been on the scene, putting some of the victims up in hotels and giving others whatever help it can.  Now it's assessing the damage in preparation for hoped-for help from the federal emergency management agency.

The Red Cross wants anyone with flood damage to call their office at 580-355-2480.

You might be able to receive financial assistance.