Local veteran victim of scam

UNDATED-- There's a scammer out there targeting your bank account.  It appears the targets, right now, are active-duty troops and retired military.

Retired serviceman William Chandler says he's a victim of the scam.  He says it all started when he noticed a one-cent deposit into his checking account.  After the one-cent deposit, his bank account was drained of about of about $124.00.

The whole thing might have gone unnoticed if Chandler hadn't checked the account on-line.  "Normally I wouldn't have checked it at that time, because I hadn't made any transactions.  But something told me to check out my checking account.  So I went on-line and I looked and I see a transaction in there for a place called Equity First" said Chandler.

Chandler isn't alone in being scammed.  He tells 7 News that through his research he found out Equity First was able to scam thousands and thousands of bank accounts.

While the bank wouldn't comment on this case Chandler says he was told a number of people, active-duty and retired military were targeted by the scammers.  He says the bank is working to get his money back.