Electra teacher accused of slapping a 5-year-old student

ELECTRA-- A north Texas pre-school teacher is accused of physically abusing a five-year-old student. Police there say the teacher, 52-year-old Donna Bowden, slapped the little boy in the face earlier this month at Electra's Elementary School, which also houses the head-start program.

Police Chief Johnny Morris says he first learned of the allegations when the mom and little boy showed up at his department. "Mother reported that the son had told her he was slapped in the mouth by the head start teacher."

Morris says the boy had a cut on his upper lip. He says he told the mom to take him to the hospital to have it checked out. "The medical report revealed an injury. We saw an injury, took pictures of the injury, and the child made a statement to us with his mother present about how he got it and he didn't waver."

Based on those statements and the injury, police arrested Donna Bowden, a teacher for 18 years in Electra, according to Morris.

More potential victims say they filed reports with child protective services, but police say they haven't contacted them. "We were never told of these instances. The parents and the child did not ever come to report this as such."

Based on CPS's investigation, Chief Morris says Bowden could face additional charges. Right now, she's charged with a third-degree felony for injury to a child. Electra police say this is the first abuse report they've received against Bowden or any other teacher for that matter.