Kitchen appliance causes house fire

ELGIN--A trailer home in Elgin near Lake Ellsworth is a total loss following a mid-morning fire that the Elgin Fire Department said was caused by a broken stove fan.

"The other day she flipped the fan on and noticed it didn't work," said Elgin Fire Chief Mike Baker about the homeowner.  "She said 'I don't know if I turned it back off or not.'  It could've been a problem waiting to brew."

Baker said nobody was hurt in the fire and that all the smoke detectors inside the home were working properly.

The fire was called into dispatch around 9:45 a.m. Wednesday after a woman who lived in the trailer came home and found smoke in the kitchen.

"She ran from the home to get help and left the door open, which is one of the reason the fire spread," Baker said.

The fire was contained to the kitchen area, but the flames spread into the roof and eventually out another side of the trailer.  The homeowner said she was just glad that nobody was hurt and she believes her personal belongings are salvageable.

Baker said the fire marshal's office was not called in to investigate because the cause of the fire was known and was not suspicious.  Firefighters from Elgin and Fletcher responded to the fire.