Mom upset over placement of adult videos

Altus_An Altus parent is upset that a video store there has adult videos right next to the children's section.  Crystal McVea said she took her nine year old daughter to Hastings to get something to watch for the weekend, when they saw more than they wanted to.   "We had gone to get a children's movie on the family aisle, turned down the wrong aisle and was bombarded with pornographic images with my child with me.  And that bothered me," McVea said.

McVea spoke to the manager on duty, but he said he couldn't do anything at the time.  She says he told here they put the videos there so security cameras could watch the area.

"I explained, 'I didn't care about where the cameras were; I cared what was next to the movies my children rent,'" McVea said.

Other concerned parents called the video store about the problem and were told to call the corporate office. Store manager Daniel Otsuka heard about the problem and tried to make it right.  "We did move them further away from our children's video, to make it a little more secure and safer," Otsuka said.  "They are all lock-boxed and spined."

"Spined" means only the edges show, so random customers can't see the covers or pictures.  But McVea says this doesn't solve the problem.

"I believe that we should have a back room, like Stripes or any other convenience store. They keep pornographic material and cigarettes, anything that by law you have to be 18 years old, it's behind a counter.  It is separate.  And I feel like that's Hastings's responsibility to do that," McVea said.

We did call the corporate office to see how they keep employees under 18 from handling the mature videos and magazines.  They would not comment.  We also called the company's service help-line.  They did tell us it is the store manager's discretion where videos are placed within the store.