Police investigate assaults at an east Lawton nightclub

LAWTON-- Two men have been badly beaten within the last two months at an east Lawton nightclub. One of them even had his ear ripped off.  Quentin Farrell, 21, says he was choked, punched, and kicked by people in the club last weekend. By the time the ambulance got there, his face was a bloody mess and only his ear lobe was still attached. The shocking thing is he says nightclub employees did it and that's what police are looking into.

They're investigating whether the staff at Doc Holiday's could have done such a thing. We know detectives are following several leads and talking with people who witnessed the attack, but it hasn't been easy, because it happened late at night at a club, so tracking people down been a tough task.

Farrell says he and a friend were hanging out at Doc Holiday's when some friends invited them into the club's VIP section. The railing on it was apparently lined with balloons when one of Farrell's friend popped one. "Just grabbed the balloon, brought it down and popped it to kinda get it out of the way cause it was wall to wall people," said Farrell.

He says the act was apparently not appreciated by someone who worked at the club. He says he and his friend immediately apologized. Next, Farrell says the club's bouncers started walking over to them. Before he knew what was going on, he says someone was choking him from behind. "I remember getting thrown to the left into a table and couch. Just getting hit on getting hit, I don't remember what I was getting hit with, just a lot of arms and fists."

Farrell eventually ended up outside where bar patrons called 911 for help. "A lot of witnesses said they put their feet on me at that point once they got me on the ground," Farrell said. "I didn't have a chance to be physical with anybody. I didn't have a chance to look at anybody the wrong way."

LPD detectives are trying to figure out if this is a case of excessive force by the Doc Holiday bouncers, and it may not be the first instance.  "Approximately 4 weeks before that we also had a report there that an individual was assaulted," said Lawton Police Captain John DeBoard.  "He wasn't hospitalized, but substantially assaulted. He also claimed the staff was responsible."

While detectives dig for more details, Farrell and his family are waiting for answers.... hoping the people responsible for his brutal beating are caught. "Hopefully the system is just and the court's going to insist upon justive because if they don't justice is going to fail," said Quentin's mother, Nancy Farrell.

We did talk with the owner of Doc Holiday's. She's taking steps to make sure nothing like this happens again. She says guilty or not, all of the people who were involved the fight last weekend are no longer working there.

One worker says there is also more to Farrell's claims. He says he and his friends fought with the bouncers, making their response more physical.

Detectives are still hoping to talk to people who may have witnessed the attack. If you have any information you can call 581-3551.