UPDATE: Neighbors describe oil field explosion in Marlow

MARLOW-- It was a scary night for folks in Marlow on Saturday following not one, but three separate explosions at the Chesapeake oil field. Fire officials say the first blast happened around 8:45 Saturday evening at one of the well sites the company has drilled within the last 18-months.

Chief Jerome McCalvin, "What we had was a semi-truck with a 100-barrel tanker that was connected to one of the well heads and was off-loading product on the the tank when some sort of problem occured."

The chief says following the first explosion two 100-gallon barrels also blew up. Three workers at the site were treated for minor injuries and taken to the hospital. Neighbors outside the oil field were fearing for their lives, not knowing if the next explosion was going to be bigger.

"We heard a big explosion, one just kind of shook the house. We thought it was thunder," said Holly Renfro.

"It was very loud and there was a large fireball, I don't know how many feet up in the air," said witness Jim Cavel.

Everyone's first reaction was to run outside to see what was going on. Moments later... a second explosion.

"I was more worried about if I was going to have any damage to my house from flying pieces of metal or whatever," said Renfro.

Neighbors watched in disbelief as their street turned into a staging area for fire crews and first responders from through Stephens and Grady counties. Just when they thought the explosions were through, came a third blast. "It didn't go up very high, but fanned out and spread quickly," said Cavel.

Within a couple of hours, he says firefighters had the blazes under control and everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief. The next day, the talk on the streets of Marlow, "we told you so."

Many concerns of having an oil field in a residential area came true. "It was always a thought in the back of your head if something did happen. It doesn't make it any easier when we have a bigger one of the other side," said Renfro.

"There are too many things that can happen, but they also have safety things in there, but things go wrong," said Cavel.

Although this time the situation unfolded with a relatively positive ending. Chesapeake Energy did not return our calls for comment. Fire Chief McCalvin says the tanker truck that exploded was operated by a contractor.