Murder hearing continued

Lawton, OK-- The preliminary hearing in Lawton's latest gang-related murder case will now continue next Wednesday.

This, after a stunning testimony from the brother of the defendant on the opening day of the preliminary hearing for Jackie Duncan of Lawton.  Duncan is accused of killing Quinton Pritchett in February 2007, in what police called, a gang-related shooting.

The defendant's younger brother was put on the stand to testify against him, but he changed his story. During initial interviews conducted by Lawton police with Duncan's younger brother, he told detectives he saw his brother had a gun and shot towards Pritchett.  But, on the stand Tuesday, under direct questioning from prosecutor Bill Riley, the teenager changed his story,  saying he only saw the gun, but testified that the actual gunfire could have come from anyone in the small crowd.

Riley told the youth that his reversal could lead to a perjury charge, and asked if the teen if he wished to change his mind, and confirm what he originally told investigators.  But, the youth refused, and Riley asked the judge to keep the teen in the Comanche County jail while a perjury charge was considered.

The preliminary hearing was continued until June 13th at 9am in the Comanche County Courthouse.