How to battle the killer bees

Lawton--If you spend a lot of time outdoors--working, mowing the lawn, even playing games--you're more likely to get  attacked by bees.  That's what folks learned who attended the Department of Agriculture seminar at the Comanche County Courthouse.

What's even more alarming is that the bees are likely to be africanized bees, also known as the killer bees.   The killer bees were first spotted in Oklahoma in Tipton in Tillman County back in 2004.  That's when a crew of county workers cutting down trees were attacked by what were later identified as killer bees. Ever since, their numbers have grown.

The state's expert, Gary Phillips, says the best thing you can do if you are approached by a swarm is cover your face and head with whatever is available, such as the shirt on your back.  The rest of your body is not as vulnerable as your head.  After you're out of danger, Phillips said that's the time to call a professional beekeeper.  Not only can they handle the swarm safely, they will capture those bees, and cross-breed them with the everyday honeybee, and eventually, dilute the number of killer bees.

If you can't get someone to get rid of the swarm---one home remedy is is to use dishwashing detergent mixed with water and douse the area.  If you see someone, that's attacked you can help by covering yourself first, then--throw a blanket over them or throw water on them.