Homeowner questions Lawton's policy builder's permits

A Lawton family buys a home and it turns out to be more trouble than they expected. They were excited about buying the house of their dreams, but the problems kept piling up - loose mortar here, backed-up drains there...and they say the builders were nowhere to be found.  And they are mainly worried about mold.  That was the main reason they wanted a new house in the first place.  Their old home was covered in it.  So you can understand their concerns about the water damage in their brand new home.

"Of course at first we thought this was going to be our dream, but it's quickly turned into a nightmare," John Beemer said.

Homeowners John & Amanda Beemer and their four children needed a new home.

So they found one - plenty of room and two full bathrooms.  It had the normal repairs which new homes need.  But they soon noticed something else - water leaking from the master bath shower and the washing machine drain kept overflowing.

"The main shower, as time progressed, became an issue more and more, with the leaking and so forth," Beemer said.

It had only been two months since they moved in, so they called the builder for help.

Beemer says they called and called but couldn't get anyone.  When they finally did come, Beemer says it was just patched.

"The contractor, if you will, would come back and throw some caulking on it, not even mortar, not even any kind of thin-set, but would actually put caulking in there and call it good, like a repair you would do on a rental property," Beemer said.

When that didn't work, they had to open up the wall and found this.  Beemer is afraid the water damage has caused mold to grow, the same problem they moved away from one year ago.  Beemer went to the City when he couldn't get satisfaction from the builder.  He wanted the builder's license revoked, but says the city didn't help at all.

"And her response was, 'well, sir, we don't do that.' What do you mean you don't do that? You just let people build houses and don't follow through with any recourse if they do not follow what you've set forth in your City codes? You know, that's ridiculous," Beemer said.

We called the builder and she said she has a contractor on the way to the house tomorrow.  We also called the City Planning and Permits Department.   Building Official Mike Jones says contractors who show a consistent pattern of negligence or incompetence can lose their contractor's license.  But he says that doesn't happen often.