Meet Our Friendly Staff

Sheppard Family Dental Care

Leading our office into the advancements of cosmetic dentistry are Drs. Ernest and Cindy Sheppard. They are a husband and wife dental team who have practiced in Lawton since 1983. They both graduated from one of the most respected schools in the United States - Baylor College of Dentistry, and were both among the top 10% of their graduating class as well as members of the honor society. They are both leaders in the local dental community, and have served as president of the Comanche County Dental Society. This dynamic team has spent numerous hours studying techniques in areas of advanced dentistry in order to offer their patients the opportunity to have a healthy, brilliant, natural looking smile.

Meet Our Friendly Staff

The closeness within our office transfers naturally to you--our patient--in the form of a friendly, caring, and personal atmosphere.One of your first acquaintances will either be Renay or Nancy, our scheduling and financial coordinators. They will help you schedule the appropriate appointment to meet your needs.

During your first visit, the doctors will talk with you about your concerns for your smile and your oral health. At this time you will meet one of our highly trained dental assistants. Sara and our other assistants will help the doctor make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Upon the completion of your comprehensive examination by Dr. Sheppard we offer the expertise of (2) full-time hygienists. They are available to treat periodontal disease (bacterial infections) and aid in the prevention or continuation of any further gum deteriorating conditions.