Blitz Build underway

LAWTON--The third annual Lawton Board of Realtors Habitat for Humanity Blitz Build got underway in Lawton on Monday morning with the goal of completing the house by Friday.

About 500 volunteers are expected to take part in the build that kicked off with a 12 hour day on Monday which saw the frame of the house go up at 1906 NW Irwin.

"So far, we've moved the trusses back and forth and we put up some of the walls," said Ashley Herrin, with the Lawton-Fort Sill Youth Coalition.  "It's a lot fun and we're helping the community."

The goal of this year's build is to present the keys to homeowner Nancy Coleman at 6 p.m. on Friday.  The home is not given to the homeowners for free.  They are sold at no-profit through no interest loans.  The homeowner takes part in the build as part of their sweat equity hours.

"I get to help and get some ideas, because mine's not finished," said Marie Naize, whose Habitat Home is being built next to the Blitz Build site.  " I'm having fun with it, and she's been helping on my house, the lady that owns this one.  So, she helps on mine and I help on hers, so it's pretty good."

Habitat for Humanity said they're always looking for volunteers who can do anything from swinging a hammer to handing out water.  This year they're also looking for applicants who would like a Habitat Home.  Anyone looking to apply or needing more information can go to the Blitz Build site at 1906 NW Irwin.