Cameron faces one-month budget shortfall

LAWTON--Cameron University, along with Oklahoma's other state colleges and universities, is trying to come to grips with a large cut in state funding.

The shortfall is due to less than projected state lottery revenue, which is set aside to pay for bond debt incurred by the Oklahoma Capital Improvement Authority.

State higher education officials had hoped the Oklahoma Legislature would pass a supplemental funding request to cover the shortfall, but that didn't happen.  That led to the State Regents for Higher Education approving a $6 million cut in allocations to all state colleges and universities in June to make up for the shortfall.

"There's no good time to have this happen," said Cameron's Vice President for Business and Finance Glen Pinkston.  "It was unexpected.  It's just something we're all going to have to work through."

At Cameron, Pinkston said Tuesday the number of sessions have been cut in June, and the University will cut back on non-essential purchases like office supplies.

"We're not going to stop buying gasoline for our vehicles, things like that," Pinkston said.  "But if there's something we can do without for a couple of weeks and postpone until the July allocation gets here, we will postpone it.  We'll have to postpone it."

Pinkston added that about 10 to 20 job openings that are now open won't be filled until July.

Some material from the Associated Press used in this report.