Altus deals with two shootings

ALTUS, OK-- Altus police have two shootings on their hands.  They're investigating reports of someone shooting guns at two homes and vandalizing a vehicle.  It occured Sunday through Monday morning. Police said Tuesday they're convinced it's a gang problem and they've arrested someone.

The police are sure the shootings are related, but when the forensic evidence gets back from the lab, they should know more.

Someone shot at a house on Hemlock--and meant to.  They shot 14 times.

Neighbor Bobby Labrie said he got home from work and heard shots.

"It sounded like it was right in the back yard.  So I ran in and called the police and they sent an officer over here," Labrie said.

Police said the shooter was walking or running through the neighborhood.

Then, another shooting happened Sunday morning in the 400 block of South Hudson. This time it was an SUV that was shot at.  No one was in it at the time.

Meanwhile, they have arrested 22-year-old, Freddy Lopez in relation to the shootings. Police said they found several weapons in his house, and supposedly, Lopez pointed a gun at someone.

Captain Mike Turner says he can't connect Lopez to the recent shootings, yet.

"At this point we do not know exactly if he or the weapons recovered from him are involved in the other two shootings," Turner said. "We're still working on that right now."

Turner also said these incidents are probably gang-related.

The Altus Police Department said they are increasing patrols in the area and are trying to talk to neighbors for more information. If anyone has information about either of these shootings, call the Altus Police Department at 482-4121 or the Jackson County Crimestoppers at 482-TIPS.