Teen murder evaluation hearing

LAWTON, OK--An expert witness for the state in the Timie Williams murder case going on at the Comanche County Courthouse said he needs more time.

Dr. John Batka said he's just been given new information about the defendant that he hasn't had time to evaluate. Batka is the doctor who performed the psychological evaluation on Williams.

His evaluation is critical because it could determine whether Williams will be tried as an adult or a juvenile.  Williams is accused of murdering Ralph Roe over an alleged drug deal last July.

During the first part of the hearing last month, Doctor Batka testified that Williams would not be mentally capable of going through juvenile treatment successfully. He had said Williams is defiant, defensive and aggressive towards adults.

But, Tuesday the state presented the court with records from Lawton Public Schools for the first time. It was to support its contention that Willams had a poor attitude and was a troublemaker. But because Doctor Batka never had seen the documents, he wouldn't make any sort of recommendation.  So, the judge continued the hearing and gave Dr. Batka more time.

The hearing has been continued for next Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. However, the judge has already determined that there is enough evidence in the case to go to trial.

As soon as this coming hearing ends, it will be known if Timie Williams will be tried as an adult, or be handled through the juvenile system.