Flooding forces evacuations in Hobart

Undated_Storms roared through Kiowa County Wednesday night, causing major flooding.  The water got as high as six to eight inches in some places.  The floodwaters washed out fences and bridges, even some roads and train tracks.  They also gushed into people's houses, forcing them to abandon them in the middle of the night.

Hobart Fire Chief Jerry Lankford says nearly 50 houses were damaged.  "About two o'clock in the morning, we started getting calls of people being stuck in their houses and can't get out and needed help - assistance getting rescued, so that's when we went out, trying to find people," Lankford said.

The Red Cross is on the scene helping out--providing meals and a place for people to stay.

More rain is expected Thursday night and Hobart residents are getting ready, just in case.