Rains flood northwest Lawton neighborhood

Lawton--All this rain is causing big problems for a Northwest Lawton neighborhood.  It's collecting in backyards and gushing into their homes.

They say not only is the city's drainage system not working, a new car dealership under construction nearby is making the problem even worse.  The entire neighborhood was under about a foot of water.

Lennie Calloway is at her wits' end.  She lives in a nice house on Westaire Circle Drive. Only problem is, she can't stay dry.  She had her carpets cleaned after the first time flood waters came in back in May.  They were clean for about a week before it happened again--and again.  She's not alone.  Almost a dozen homes there are dealing with flooding.  "It's frustrating. Because of the fact that we didn't have all this water coming down through here. We had rains before and when i heard it raining I would turn over and go back to sleep. Now when I hear the thunder, I jump up," Calloway said.

We talked to the city and tracked down the developers.  They told 7NEWS they're working to resolve the flooding problem.  They say the dealership is one of the first businesses in town to fall under the new detention ordinance.  New developers must put in a detention pond. The pond collects the rainwater, then gradually releases it.

That way, a massive amount of water won't overwhelm the area.  The city and drainage supervisor say the detention ponds do work.  It's just the unusual non- stop rain that's causing all the problems.

The developer for the dealership says it's doing all it can to maintain its detention pond. It realizes it's in an overflow state.  Wednesday morning, they put up an additional fence designed to catch water. They also placed dozens of hay bales to catch the overflow.