"Kids Investigating the Discoveries of Science" camp at CU

Lawton_Your kid could be the next Skywarn Seven Meteorologist, thanks to Cameron University and its "KIDS" camp.  It stands for "Kids Investigating the Discoveries of Science" and it just might be the best place this summer to learn about weather, wind, and wings.

Cameron professors and students start them while they're young.  They're kindergarteners through fifth graders.

They are finding out all about wind energy and the weather by taking a hands-on approach to learning.

Cameron is taking advantage of the summer break to show these kids science doesn't have to be boring, especially with Oklahoma's weather.  "KIDS" camp students explore a variety of scientific fields, but not just out of a book.

"It great to see them not reading a text book, you know, doing stuff with their hands, and connecting it with other things in their lives," said Jan Newberry-Davis, one of the Cameron students teaching at this camp.

Her class is learning about the wind by making windsocks.  They also made air-powered cars, using straws and a piece of paper.  Then they had drag races to see how it all worked.

"I think they did great.  I think it was really interesting to see the different designs that they made.  The uniqueness of every vehicle that was made," Newberry-Davis said.

But it isn't all just fun and games.  The camp is there to teach solid science.

"We want to supplement what parents do with their children at home plus what the schools do and teachers do during the regular academic year," said KIDS Camp Coordinator Doctor Kurtis Koll.  "We try to do activities that we think maybe they haven't had a chance to do in their own schools or own grade level."

The KIDS camp runs through June 18th to the 2nd.   You can see all their hard work at a science camp reception Friday at 7 p.m. in the Sciences Complex.  The kids, their parents and guests are all invited.

Cameron is also offering the "NASA Space Camp" in the afternoons for students just completing 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.  All classes are in the science complex on campus.