Heavy winds bring destruction to Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls-- While it was flooding in Lawton and other parts of southwest Oklahoma, north Texans had to deal with wind... very strong winds, with gusts over 90 miles per hour. When it was all over, several metal buildings were pummeled, trees were blown down all over the city, and shingles were ripped off of roof tops.

Anna Russell was at her mom's house, visiting from Oklahoma City. Luckily, one her friends was watching the weather. "She called us in the middle of the night and said y'all got about ten minutes to take cover so you need to take cover it's going to be bad."

Anna, her kids and her handicapped mom didn't waste anytime and headed for the bathroom. "We all scrunched down and prayed, that'd what we were doing the whole time, just praying."

Outside, part of her mom's roof had been peeled back and half of the carport on the house was gone. They found it in the neighbor's backyard a few hours later along with a tree that crashed down on it. "You could hear the winds coming really fast, it sounded like a train."

There's a lot of debris left behind from the storms. Wichita Falls has set up drop off locations at Lucy, Kiwanis, and Williams parks. The city says it's the homeowners responsibility to get rid of the debris. They will not pick it up.

Also, a lot of fences were knocked down and that means a lot of pets are missing. The city's animal shelter says they picked up more than normal on Wednesday, so contact them if yours is missing.