Duncan's Founder's Day this Saturday

DUNCAN--The City of Duncan is gearing up to celebrate the City's birthday, otherwise known as Founder's day.  Duncan was founded June 27, 1892, so this will be its 115th birthday.  Duncan's Founder's day is also marked this year as a centennial event for the State of Oklahoma.

This event is for all ages and founders day is expected to attract over 7,000 people to the heart of Duncan.  This annual celebration is free to all and runs from 10am through 11pm on Saturday.  Visitors will get to see the grand opening of the historical Prairie house, live music, and lots of events for the kids.

If you want to volunteer for the setup for Founders day on Saturday organizers say they could use the help.  Setup begans as early as 6am.   For more info call 580-252-8696

Another event kicking off this weekend in Duncan is their Farmers Market.  Duncan's Farmers Market will be held every Friday and Saturday at the old Henderson furniture store  located at the corner of 7th and Main street.

If you would like to be a vendor, the fee is only $15 per week.    The farmers market plans to run from June 23 through November 1st.

For more info go to www.DuncanCalendar.com