More Lawton homes are flooded

LAWTON-- Flooding continues in Lawton.  Even though the rain has slowed down, homes and roads all over town are covered in water. Creeks are overflowing their banks, running back into the streets and swamping homes with water.  This has caused some Lawton residents major damage.

Mike Underwood's has been living on the second floor for over two weeks now.  This morning, they were underwater.

"Where you're standing right now, you'd have it up to your knees, at 7 o'clock this morning," Underwood said.

The flooding in the area's due to the water from Wolf creek and Cache creek.   The unusual storms have the rainwater colliding in the drainage ditches.  It's too much for them to handle.

City Manager Larry Mitchell says the drainage system was created to handle what is considered normal rainfall.

"You design your system that way, and as long as your water flow and your runoff is below that storm event then your system is okay," Mitchell said.

But the rain has been too much for the system to carry.  City officials say they are continually working to improve the drainage system.

"It's just a matter of over the course of time, making improvements, identifying where those problem areas are - those bottleneck areas are and addressing them."

Two years ago the city adopted a storm water management ordinance.  This requires new development builders to address storm water issues on their site and figure out how their development will impact property down the stream.