Stephens Co. Humane Society approves of Lawton pet ordinance

Duncan_The Stephens County Humane Society is dedicated to rescuing and placing cats and dogs in loving homes.  And it's a full time job.  But they've been even busier lately with the new pet ordinance in Lawton.  It says you have to pay a fee to register your pet with the city, and it's even more if your pet isn't sterilized.  And the humane society in Duncan has found some people just don't want to pay to register their pets, or have them fixed.  That makes the pet populations soar.

While Lawton has seen a lot of opposition to the ordinance here, the humane society in Duncan is glad it passed.  Since January, they have had over 800 dogs and 400 cats at the facility.  "What we're seeing is that there are some people who just simply feel like they cannot afford to have their animal spayed or neutered and they don't want the alternative of turning them over to the local animal control unit.  So, we are getting some of those animals from Lawton," Humane Society Board Member Nancy Litsch said.

Those animals come from people who don't want to pay the fees connected to the ordinance there.  Litsch said it's causing a problem when people aren't responsible pet owners.

All animals adopted from the Stephens County Humane Society are spayed or neutered and they are now also offering shots to any animals adopted.