BREAKING NEWS-- Major Flooding in Walters

WALTERS, OK-- More rain this morning has brought major flooding to the Walters area.  According to Skywarn Seven Meteorologist Kim Truong, Walters received approximately 4.5 inches of rain in about 5 hours.  That has led to flooded roadways and areas throughout the town.

As early as 6:00 a.m., Walters police were advising people to stay in their homes and off the roadways because of the rising waters.  Some residents have even reported power outages.

Walters City Manager, John Scheppard, tells Seven News that all drivers are advised to stay off the nearby highways if at all possible.  That includes highways 53, 36, 5 and 70.

Seven News has a crew live on the scene.  Tune in tonight for Seven News at 5 for the latest images and stories from Walters.